Defined in uproot.writing.writable on line 41.

uproot.writing.writable.create(file_path: str | Path | IO, **options)
  • file_path (str, pathlib.Path or file-like object) – The filesystem path of the file to open or an open file.

  • options – See below.

Opens a local file for writing. Like ROOT’s "CREATE" option, this function raises an error (FileExistsError) if a file already exists at file_path.

Returns a uproot.WritableDirectory.

Options (type; default):

  • initial_directory_bytes (int; 256)

  • initial_streamers_bytes (int; 1024)

  • uuid_function (callable; uuid.uuid1)

  • compression (uproot.compression.Compression or None): Compression algorithm

and level for new objects added to the file. Can be updated after creating the uproot.WritableFile. Default is uproot.ZLIB(1).

See uproot.WritableFile for details on these options.

Additional options are passed to as storage_options to the fsspec filesystem