Defined in uproot.deserialization on line 149.

uproot.deserialization.numbytes_check(chunk, start_cursor, stop_cursor, num_bytes, classname, context, file_path)
  • chunk (uproot.source.chunk.Chunk) – Buffer of contiguous data from the file uproot.source.chunk.Source.

  • start_cursor (uproot.Cursor) – Initial position in that chunk.

  • stop_cursor (uproot.Cursor) – Current position in that chunk.

  • num_bytes (int or None) – If an integer, the number of bytes to compare with the difference between start_cursor and stop_cursor; if None, this function does nothing.

  • classname (str) – C++ (decoded) name of the class for error messages.

  • context (dict) – Auxiliary data used in deserialization.

  • file_path (str) – Name of the file for error messages.

Verifies that the number of bytes matches the change in position of the cursor (if num_bytes is not None).

Raises a uproot.DeserializationError on failure.