Defined in uproot.writing.writable on line 39.

uproot.writing.writable.create(file_path, **options)
  • file_path (str, pathlib.Path or file-like object) – The filesystem path of the file to open or an open file.

  • compression (uproot.compression.Compression or None) – Compression algorithm and level for new objects added to the file. Can be updated after creating the uproot.WritableFile. Default is uproot.ZLIB(1).

  • options – See below.

Opens a local file for writing. Like ROOT’s "CREATE" option, this function raises an error (OSError) if a file already exists at file_path.

Returns a uproot.WritableDirectory.

Options (type; default):

  • initial_directory_bytes (int; 256)

  • initial_streamers_bytes (int; 1024)

  • uuid_function (callable; uuid.uuid1)

See uproot.WritableFile for details on these options.