Defined in uproot.writing.identify on line 930.

uproot.writing.identify.to_TAxis(fName, fTitle, fNbins, fXmin, fXmax, fXbins=None, fFirst=0, fLast=0, fBits2=0, fTimeDisplay=False, fTimeFormat='', fLabels=None, fModLabs=None, fNdivisions=510, fAxisColor=1, fLabelColor=1, fLabelFont=42, fLabelOffset=0.005, fLabelSize=0.035, fTickLength=0.03, fTitleOffset=1.0, fTitleSize=0.035, fTitleColor=1, fTitleFont=42)
  • fName (str) – Internal name of axis, usually "xaxis", "yaxis", "zaxis".

  • fTitle (str) – Internal title of axis, usually empty: "".

  • fNbins (int) – Number of bins. (https://root.cern.ch/doc/master/classTAxis.html)

  • fXmin (float) – Low edge of first bin.

  • fXmax (float) – Upper edge of last bin.

  • fXbins (None or numpy.ndarray of numpy.float64 or uproot.models.TArray.Model_TArrayD) – Bin edges array in X. None generates an empty array.

  • fFirst (int) – First bin to display. 1 if no range defined NOTE: in some cases a zero is returned (see TAxis::SetRange)

  • fLast (int) – Last bin to display. fNbins if no range defined NOTE: in some cases a zero is returned (see TAxis::SetRange)

  • fBits2 (int) – Second bit status word.

  • fTimeDisplay (bool) – On/off displaying time values instead of numerics.

  • fTimeFormat (str or uproot.models.TString.Model_TString) – Date&time format, ex: 09/12/99 12:34:00.

  • fLabels (None or uproot.models.THashList.Model_THashList) – List of labels.

  • fModLabs (None or uproot.models.TList.Model_TList) – List of modified labels.

  • fNdivisions (int) – Number of divisions(10000*n3 + 100*n2 + n1). (https://root.cern.ch/doc/master/classTAttAxis.html)

  • fAxisColor (int) – Color of the line axis.

  • fLabelColor (int) – Color of labels.

  • fLabelFont (int) – Font for labels.

  • fLabelOffset (float) – Offset of labels.

  • fLabelSize (float) – Size of labels.

  • fTickLength (float) – Length of tick marks.

  • fTitleOffset (float) – Offset of axis title.

  • fTitleSize (float) – Size of axis title.

  • fTitleColor (int) – Color of axis title.

  • fTitleFont (int) – Font for axis title.

This function is for developers to create TAxis objects that can be written to ROOT files, to implement conversion routines.