Defined in uproot.model on line 206.

uproot.model.classname_encode(classname, version=None, unknown=False)

Converts a C++ (decoded) classname, such as Some::Thing into a Python classname (encoded), such as Model_Some_3a3a_Thing.

If version is a number such as 2, the Python name is suffixed by version, such as Model_Some_3a3a_Thing_v2.

If unknown is True, the Model_ prefix becomes Unknown_.

C++ classnames can include namespace delimiters (::) and template arguments (< and >), which have to be translated into [A-Za-z_][A-Za-z0-9_]* for Python. Non-conforming characters and also underscores are translated to their hexadecimal equivalents and surrounded by underscores. Additionally, Python models of C++ classes are prepended with Model_ (or Unknown_ if a streamer isn’t found).