Defined in uproot.behavior on line 15.


Finds and loads the behavior class for C++ (decoded) classname or returns None if there isn’t one.

Behaviors do not have a required base class, and they may be used with Awkward Array’s ak.behavior.

The search strategy for finding behavior classes is:

  1. Translate the ROOT class name from C++ to Python with uproot.classname_encode. For example, "ROOT::RThing" becomes "Model_ROOT_3a3a_RThing".

  2. Look for a submodule of uproot.behaviors without the "Model_" prefix. For example, "ROOT_3a3a_RThing".

  3. Look for a class in that submodule with the fully encoded name. For example, "Model_ROOT_3a3a_RThing".

See uproot.behaviors for details.